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[Mini talkshow T10 2023] Basic Photo Visual Literacy at IDECAF

Similar to written language, images are communication tools with unique language characteristics that need to be cultivated to become proficient. One of the ways that is still used is reading, discussing and perceiving. Reading, discussing and perceiving beauty helps us discover and enrich our knowledge and emotions; It’s also a way to improve your aesthetics and promote your own creativity.

Hoa Ta authors

Danny Bach: In photography, there is no absolute truth?

Danny Bach, also known as Bạch Nam Hải, is a Vietnamese photographer who specializes in documentary and portrait photography. He is also the director of Hoa Ta Company and a master printer at the Vietnam Giclée Lab (VG-Lab). It all began with his love for capturing family memories through images, but Danny soon embarked on a serious path in photography. Since then, he has been exploring and engaging with the vast world of photography.

Collector handbook

Tips for appreciating photographs

From its earliest days, photography has been viewed as a means of supplementing memory, enhancing recollections, sharing travel experiences, and bringing articles to life. While these functions continue to be relevant today, the evolution of society and a growing demand for aesthetics have expanded the scope of photography in intriguing ways.

Hoa Ta authors

Morgan Ommer: Photography cannot be separated from life

He was born and raised in Paris, France, and he likes to be called by the name Minh. With his father being a renowned photographer, Morgan tried to escape that shadow during his youth. He refused to study photography and later the course of time brought him back to the field, as if it were destiny, unavoidable.

On photography

Hybrid photography: the limitless future of photography

For several decades now, technology has played an important role in reshaping every industry, and photography is no exception. With the advent of digital photography followed by the emergence of film digitization techniques, this set the stage for the birth of a new photographic practice that this article will refer to as Hybrid Photography.

Hoa Ta authors

Hoang The Nhiem: Seeking the breath of life in landscapes

Hoang The Nhiem is a highly accomplished landscape photographer whose success is the result of continuous learning and exploration. Unlike some who may have benefited from family tradition or innate talent, Nhiem’s journey has been shaped by his adventurous spirit and philosophy of life.