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Hoa Ta story

Hoa Ta is a complex consisting of services for the fine art industry, including giclée printing, archival framing, research, restoration, publishing ancient paintings of East Asia, and promotion of Vietnamese culture through photography.

Since the beginning of Hoa Ta, we have tried not to brand ourselves as a commercial complex. Our team members come from fine art backgrounds, as such, with passion and endeavor, we try to contribute to the rise of Vietnamese culture in this era:

  1. Creating a transparent platform for digital fine art and photography in Vietnam.
  2. Connecting art ideologies from different generations to reach an understanding and create inheritance among us.
  3. Introducing photography as a fine art medium in Vietnam.
  4. Providing imaging solutions for artists to create and be inspired by the people and the culture of Vietnam. We believe that artworks about our country will help affirm independent cultural values within this intercultural era.
  5. Striving to bring Vietnamese photography to the international market.

In order to make our ambitions come true, we have created these brands below:

Hoa Ta art collection

Online photography gallery.

Vietnam Giclée Lab

The first certified digital print lab in Vietnam.

Đông Á Danh Hoạ

Research and re-publish ancient paintings of East Asia.

Hoa Ta Web2print

3D simulation web2print system.

Danny Bach photography

Professional photography services

VG-LAB: Giclée printing, archival framing, and artworks digitizing.

With VG-LAB, we can bring transparency and professionalism in producing and preserving digital prints. We aim to:

  • Differentiate high-end products for the fine art market in the country.
  • Raise the values of digital paintings and photography in our daily life.
  • Encouraging artists to produce fine art prints of their digital artworks.
  • Applying international standards in the process of selling and buying art in Vietnam.

Đông Á Danh Họa: research and re-publish ancient paintings of East Asia.

With this brand, we hope to preserve and popularize the influence, ideas, beliefs, tales, and traditionsin the flow of history.Reconnect people from different generations or even cultures. All these elements were shared with our neighboring countries through our ancestors, creating an exuberant repertory of knowledge about our culture.

We hope that people can appreciate and enjoy the paintings as well as having a deeper understanding of the arts, so that we can appreciate them in different perspectives.

For that to happen, Đông Á Danh Họa team collects, digitizes, and republishes the ancient paintings with accurate information about their creation circumstances and backgrounds. One of our goals is to provide a platform with high accessibility to the public. By having an approachable database of many paintings in different periods, drawn in different styles, people can overcome any prejudice and be more open to embracing arts. Thereby, the concept of artistic appreciation, which is usually associated with academics, returns to its roots, a love for beautyand a longing for intimate connections(regardless of time and space) between the artists and the audiences.