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Photographic Print Types

art print

Open Editioned Prints

The name of this type of prints is self explanatory. Open editioned prints are a bit more approachable for people and those on a budget. The quality of these prints are on par with limited edition prints. However, they are not signed by the artists and do not have any document accompanied with. Also, they are only available in small sizes (Hoa Ta Collection provides open editioned prints in small format with a matboard for some of our artists like Bach Nam Hai, Dat VU, and Phillip Vandenberghe).

Limited Editioned Prints

There is a set quantity of prints for the same image. When people see the photograph, enjoy it, and each one decides to bring home one print, at some point, there would be no more prints of said image on the market. Purchasing limited edition prints is a great way to support the artists, their endeavors, as well as the art market. Purchasing limited edition prints is a great way to support the artists, their endeavors, as well as the art market. They are available at bigger sizes, accompanied with the artists’ signature and certificate of authenticity. Hoa Ta Collection represents artists and photographs about Vietnam, as such we create a safe and reliable method for authenticating a photograph called double authentication. The fact that there are only a certain number of prints, they are more expensive than open editioned prints, as such, they are suitable for private and corporate collections, museums, …

Artist Proof (AP)

When printing limited edition prints, the artist would adjust contrast, saturation or other printing elements to create prints that match with what they have in mind for the final look. Artist Proof print has a very limited number. Artist Proof print has a very limited number. Nowadays, they are sold only after all the editioned prints ran out. Usually, the number of APs does not exceed 10% of the number of editioned prints. For example, if a photograph has 20 limited edition prints, there will only be 2 AP prints of that photograph. These prints are marked as AP instead of editioned number.

Other common terminologies

Certificate of Authenticity

Each limited edition print requires a document attesting to its originality. This is to protect the copyright of the photographer, to prevent the work from being counterfeited, as well as to track the number of copies available on the art market. The limited edition prints of the photographs at Hoa Ta all have a double certification, a solution designed to authenticate the originality under a confidential process, and are stamped by Hoa Ta.

Hoa Ta Double Authentication

The double authentication method, which was developed by Hoa Ta Collection, includes 2 types of records: traditional and blockchain certificates. These two certification are co-exist. Traditional certificates include general information about the photograph and the author’s signature. At the same time, each of those works has a blockchain number on Artory (Artory Artwork ID). This number is used to retrieve certificate information online (See more about double authentication here)

Authenticate Seal

Each limited edition print from Hoa Ta is stamped at the back. The seal is specifically made for Hoa Ta. The ink for the seal is cinnabar, a highly durable type of ink.

The term above describes a digital print that is archival, i.e. extremely durable. Moreover, Digital pigmented archival printsare produced by reputable printers around the world, including Hoa Ta’s VG-Lab printing house.

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