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Số 8, Nội khu Mỹ Thái 1A, Tân Phú ward, District 7, HCMC

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Hoa Ta art collection

Vietnam Photography

Photography collection inspired by Vietnam culture and people.

Reputation, Finest quality

Limited edition prints, museum quality production, blockchain certification.


We offer art consultation, bespoke design and production to suit your requirement.


Besides photography, Hoa Ta also offers paintings, illustrations and calligraphy.

Who are we?

Hoa Ta is a complex of fine art printing/framing studio, art gallery; research center for Eastern Asian arts and Vietnam photography.

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Hoa Ta physical showroom

We also have a physical showroom and headquarter located at:

Hoa Ta space – số 8 nội khu Mỹ Thái 1A, Tân Phú ward, District 7, HCMC

Email: admin@hoata.art
Hotline: 033 3090028