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Since its establishment in 2017, Vietnam Giclée Lab (VG-Lab) is recognized for prints’ quality and services by art organizations and artists internationally. From 2018 till now, VG-Lab has achieved and maintained 5-stars certifications from ILFORD (Germany) in color management, process, quality control, and customer service. VG-Lab provides quality Giclée printing, reproducing paintings and photographs, framing using museum quality materials, frame repair, providing high-quality printing solutions for personal or business projects.

Giclée printing or fine art printing requires high standards from every step, selecting paper and ink types to produce the prints. From there, prints with high color accuracy, durability, and aesthetics are created. With that as a premise, Hoa Ta Collection collaborates with VG-Lab to find a printing solution to achieve museum-quality prints of our photographs about Vietnam.

Since 2018, VG-Lab has become ILFORD's printer partner.

“Preserving Your Legacy” is the motto that Hoa Ta Collection and VG-Lab keep in mind. The experts in VG-Lab always strive to preserve the artworks for the public and other generations going forward. As such, VG-Lab uses archival materials such as adhesive tape, backing board, matboard, … all are acid-free properties suitable for framing.

In addition to long-term experience, the VG-Lab team has a high sense of responsibility and meticulousness, ensuring expertise and professionalism. The printing process is closely monitored and quality controlled by skilled technicians. The prints are evaluated with a strict standard. As a result, in the past few years, VG-lab has been selected by photographers and visual artists as a printing partner when they have exhibitions within Vietnam or other countries. Some of the notable projects that VG-Lab had the opportunity to participate in were: Ba Chấm at Toong Co-working Space (Ho Chi Minh City), Salon Ánh Sáng at Mai Gallery (Hanoi), Vi Tế and Saigon Stories at Noirfoto Gallery (Ho Chi Minh City), Format at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (Hanoi), Rừng Hoang at Factory Contemporary Art Center (Ho Chi Minh City), …

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