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A look back at Hoa Ta Photoshow exhibition at Mây Artspace

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Hoa Ta Photoshow at May Artspace

HOA TA PHOTOSHOW at May Artspace closed on the 15th of Jan 2023, with more than 350 visits, the exhibition has left good memories to vistors in HCMC.

HOA TA PHOTOSHOW introduces 15 photographers/visual artists from different nationalilties, generations and career ages. Some artists are newly graduated, others have extensive experience, working in photographic industry more than 4 decades. Despite the difference in backgrounds, life stories, the authors all have deep appreciation of the land, the culture and people of Vietnam. It connects the 15 authors and their works into one narrative, which have been shown at the exhibition.

Exhibition summary video

List of authors and their information

Click on the author’s profile image to learn more about them.

Tom Hricko

Hải Thanh

Nguyễn Quang Bách

Nguyễn Xuân Khánh

Danny Bach

Cietisoo Nguyen

Philip Vandenberghe

Trần Lê Quỳnh Anh

Nguyễn Ngọc Hải

Nhiem Hoang

Yến Dương

Phạm Việt Anh Minh

Morgan Ommer

Đạt Vũ

Hagan Nguyen

Artworks presentation

Within the main exhibition area, there were 37 limited edition prints, produced at international standard of digital fine art printing (Giclee printing), framed using archival custom framing technique.

The main exhibition is divided into 5 rooms, leading vistors through the journey from natural landscape into inner world. The theme of each room represents each part of 5 Elements of Nature theory, including:

  • Room 1: WATER – CLOUD – SKY
  • Room 5: LAND

Interactive installtions within the exhibition

Besides the main exhibition, Hoa Ta photoshow included several interactive installations such as:

Talks, forums and workshops

During the exhibition of Hoa Ta Photoshow, we have had 4 talks, 2 workshops and 2 Hoa Ta forums.

About Hoa Ta gallery

Hoa Ta Gallery is an art space with years of experience in term fine art printing and art collecting. Hoa Ta Gallery embraces a rich and unique collection of images and works with many artists from different backgrounds and generations. In the November 2022, Hoa Ta annouced Hoa Ta online collection, showcase more than 130 artworks, representing 15 photographers/visual artists. In printing industry, Hoa Ta owns VG-Lab, the only printing studio in Vietnam got certified by both ILFORD & Hahnemuhle.

At the end of 2022, Hoa Ta open its online gallery to the public via the address: https://gallery.hoata.art/

Some behind the scene images

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